Cosmetic Tips to Sell Your House in No Time!

home improvements to sell your home fast

The average home spends about 41 days on the market, but sometimes it can take months to get a house off your hands. Your real estate agent can’t seem to get meaningful leads and the ones you do seem put off by something. Your house may have a few deal-breakers, and they are making your home less appealing to clients. Rectify that with the following simple cosmetic improvements guaranteed to improve your chances of getting a good deal fast:

1) Fresh paint goes a long way

An old weather-beaten house that looks part of a horror movie set is not something that speaks “home” to potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint on your house can do just the trick and give your house that brand new look and feel, which can also make you more confident- and justified- to ask for a price above market value. Alternatively, your design may be unappealing to some- for example, not many are approving of orange backdrops- so it’d be wise to overhaul the colors and play it safe with shades such as white, grey and black. While painting, don’t forget about the floors as well!

2) Power wash the driveway

If your curb has seen better days, regain the shine by seeking out power washing services. It’s an effective and affordable way to get rid of the mildew/mold, among other stains that influence your buyer’s first impression. Moreover, ensure the lawn is in great shape, the backyard too so that your house looks beautiful from the outside as well. If your hedges or decorative plants have grown out of the pattern, have someone trim them back to design. A considerable percentage of home seekers have said that curb appeal plays an important part in making up their minds!

3) Declutter and clean the house

Do you still have a lot of your old stuff lying around in the house you’d like to sell? Those could be getting in the way quite literally. Large furniture drowns out the open spaces buyers want to examine, while stuffed closets and drawers can also be a turn-off. If you haven’t figured out where you’d like to go yet or your new home isn’t ready, you can have a storage company keep your stuff for you until then. A vacant house is essential as it gets the buyer to the point of imagining a new life within new walls. He or she can’t do that if your personal effects linger in the corridors.

4) Update the fixtures and fix the switches

Clients like to try out the light switches and faucets, and a defective one could paint the picture that there’s a lot else wrong with your house. So if an outlet, light switch, or ceiling fan gave out a while back, ensure you fix it up before any house presentations. Fill up vacant light fixtures with bulbs so that your interior is well lit and inviting. Be sure to also have an electrician update your fixtures in keeping with the contemporary design to alleviate your home from feeling outdated. The same goes for your kitchen appliances and doors, among other hardware. Nickel and brass pulls are the in-thing at the moment, for example.

5) Get a new garage door

More on making a good first impression, you should consider replacing your garage door. It offers a good ROI with market figures indicating an average recoup of about 123.8%, meaning you could make some money with such a simple home improvement. A new door is a great way to round off a freshly painted home, and it might just be that little thing to sway a buyer over the fence.

6) Spruce up the doors

A home is not just about the house, but the space around it as well. Does your backyard have anything going on? If not, think about putting together a simple DIY patio or deck. You can also set up a trellis, buy a simple fountain, make a tree bench, build stone paths, and lay out some rugs to bolster the design.

7) Keep in mind the furry buyers as well!

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to sell your home quicker; all you need is a couple of simple cosmetic improvements as these herein. While you’re at it, you should also think about getting a new fence or adding one if you don’t have any. A study by the American Pet Product Association revealed that close to six in every ten people looking to buy a house are pet owners. Consequently, a fenced property that prevents straying can play into their final decision.

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