Home Improvement Mistakes that’ll Cost You Tons of Money

home improvements to avoid

Are you looking to improve your home’s appeal so you can get a good price on the market or to impress your guests? Home improvement can be a tricky affair, as you have to find the right balance between cost and aesthetics. Here are some common- and expensive- mistakes homeowners make during house improvements that you’d be wise to avoid:


1 - Unnecessary Home Improvements

When does a home improvement feature become unnecessary? It’s simple: if it adds no value to your house or property, then it becomes as important as a used lottery ticket. While figuring out what parts of the home to improve, always do your homework to determine if it’ll add any value to the market price and if that addition will recover the expenses for the needed installation. If you’re short on ideas, projects to bolster decks, kitchen, and bathrooms are usually the most rewarding. Decorating projects toward your preferences are typically costly with minimal returns, but they are not a bad long-term investment if you see a future in that house.

2 - Compromising Your Home's Paint Quality

Studies show that painting the interior of a home offers a 107% ROI, while the exterior painting results in a 55% increase. Home painting is a simple yet important piece of home improvement, but it can cost you a lot of money if you don’t do it right. Low-quality paint is short-lived, and it’ll look terrible after a short while, and you’ll need to do more than paint replacement to make the house beautiful again.

3 - Getting a Contractor You Don't Need

Unless you have a huge remodeling project on the table, you shouldn’t hire a third-party for simple DIY improvements you can easily learn from the internet. Aside from unnecessary paychecks, contractors tend to compromise on material quality so they can make an extra buck off of supplies. Once you’ve figured out what you need for your project, compare various store prices to find a good deal.

4 - Not Checking Zoning Codes

Most people aren’t too keen about local zoning laws when making home improvements around the property, and the result is a legal nightmare waiting to happen. New fences or sheds are usually the culprits in zoning code violations, and even if you get a contractor to do the work for you, chances are they won’t say a word about it because it’ll mean no work for them. Be sure to sit down with a zoning official before carrying out home improvements in your yard. These violations can go unnoticed for years, but they almost always come back to haunt you, especially when you’re looking to put your home on the market.

5 - Lighting Mistakes

The light fixtures and bulbs are often a subject of every home improvement, with owners striving to keep in touch with current designs. Energy-efficient fixtures are swapped out for brighter alternatives that will result in a considerable spike in the electric bill, which becomes concerning in cumulative months. While making improvements to your light fixtures, always consider energy-saving options.

6 - Taking on Plumbing Improvements Yourself

Replacing that kitchen faucet might seem like a simple enough task, but are you well-versed with everything you need to do? If you forget about a compression fitting or valves that need adjustment as well, you’ll come back to a flooded home. You may need to not only get a new carpet but also have the floors refinished as a result. Plumbing projects are best left to the professionals.

7 - Not Checking Insurance

For those huge remodeling projects where a contractor becomes necessary, the common mistake is not checking on insurance. Most people forget about homeowner’s policy limits, so be sure to reach out to your local insurance agent before getting any work started. Also, don’t forget to ask your remodeling team if everyone has a Workman’s Compensation insurance cover, or you might just find yourself having to foot medical bills for injuries.

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Learn From The Mistakes of Others

Don’t let experience be the teacher, be sure to remember lessons from these mistakes that many others have had to find out the hard way. Before embarking on any DIY home improvement projects, determine if you have the skillset for it and if it is something you could do without. Additionally, don’t forget to get permits ( work out if you need one in the first place) for major projects otherwise the state may make you take down what you’ve built so you can build a new one in line with the regulations.

And remember, if the job is too big and you need assistance, your San Diego Handyman is here to help you.